Where are your cat pictures?

Rocky Posing for New Frame Ideas

Rocky Posing for New Frame Ideas

Every show we get someone asking where our cat pictures are? Because of our name, Tin CAT Studio. It’s apparently very confusing and misleading for some people. In fact, at one show this past summer, we had a lady get quite irritated with us. She was going through all the bins of photos and after about 5 minutes asked where the cat pictures were? I told her we didn’t have any and she proceeded to chew me out for wasting her time. Why would we have cat in our name if we didn’t have any cat pictures?!? She huffed away. I’m not kidding. Within the next half hour we had two more women ask the same question. I then put up a sign at the front of the booth that says,- “Sorry- there are no actual cats in this booth.” For most people it gives them a chuckle, and for some it allows them to pass by and not waste their time. HA! Sigh…

So it begins....

Art Show acceptance and denial season is upon us. Most come in the form of email with the following heading "Name of Show" Notification. The email is opened and the first words you see are either "Congratulations!" or "Thank you for applying....yada yada yada... you suck... blah blah blah...." (O.k. it doesn't actually say "you suck", but that is the general feeling we get.)

This year we decided to put our self-esteem to the test and apply for some larger more nationally recognized shows. So far, well, we didn't have high expectations but the rejections hurt none-the-less. We have been accepted however into our first show in Michigan, Art Birmingham takes place outside of Detroit in May. I seriously hope to catch the tulips blooming across the state! They do bloom in May right?

New this year is also ArtisGras in Green Bay in March. We had a good show last year back in August in Packer country and are happy to be back. We also plan to be back in Sturgeon Bay, Excelsior and Edina. You can see where and when we will be throughout the region on our EVENTS page. I will list them as they come in. There are 8 listed now, hoping to add more in the next few months.

With art show season creeping up and Mother Nature confused about what season it actually is, it has spurred Randy on to start creating new frames for the new season. And why start small? This guy weighs in at about 12 pounds and measures 30" x 30". Maybe not the piece you want hanging above your bed, but it is a stunner and will look great wherever you can locate a stud to hang it on ;) We believe this version of Rough Draft will be entered into the March Wood & Metal show,  at ArtZ Gallery located in Amery, WI.

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Be well :)


Frame No. 100!

When we started this crazy art journey this past spring we set some goals. Randy told me his goal for this year, 2016, was to build 40 frames. This past week he completed number 100. 100! Wowza! It is so exciting to have happen and I am so proud of him. It has been a big leap of faith and we are very fortunate to have had a successful art show season thus far. The nerves never stop, but we are looking forward to seeing what is in store for us.

Coming up June 16 and 17 we will be in Bayfield WI along Lake Superior. I have never been there, so I am very excited to finally see that part of Wisconsin.

"Byway #100"

"Byway #100"