Welcome to Tin Cat Studio. We are thankful to offer our hand-crafted, custom framed art and photography available for sale via the world wide web. Here you can browse what we have for sale, see shops and galleries where you can find our work, read tales on our blog, find events we will be at or fill out a form to custom order your own creation.

Our style can be described as, well...different yet simple. Unique. One-of-a-Kind. To be honest, we have yet come up with exactly how to describe what we do. Impressionistic photography + Custom, hand-made frames using salvaged materials =  Seriously Cool Art. I guess maybe that sums it up. Both Randy and I love old, rusty, unique, fun, salvaged, worn stuff with a story. We are constantly on the look out for anything that we feel can be constructed into a cool frame for our photos. Brass kick plates, barn wood, wooden crates, salvaged metal and whatever we can find might make it's way into a piece of art. Heck, we've even used an antique freezer door to frame one of our photos. Each piece is planned though and is usually based on shape, style, color or texture. Sometimes we pick a photo and design a frame around it or Randy may get an idea for a frame and we choose a photo that we feel is appropriate to go with it. However it comes together, each piece is thoughtfully made with our blood, sweat and tears. No seriously, there might be blood on it. Just kidding. (Even though Randy does get a lot of slivers.)

Please use the tabs above to navigate your way around. You should be able to find everything you are looking for. If not, please email Lisa at info@tincatstudio.com and I will do my best to answer you in a timely manner.

Happy Shopping!

Thank you- Randy and Lisa