Debbie Who?

We were very surprised to receive a Debbie Hart Award at Art on the Lake in Excelsior MN. This was the largest of the three shows we have done so far and did not even remotely expect to be a contender. We were able to find out more about Debbie and what this award means from the lovely couple in the tent next to us. She sounded like an amazing human being who did wonderful things for this art show and the community. Thank you so much to the judges for this honor.

Sturgeon Bay

We had the great pleasure to spend Memorial Weekend in Sturgeon Bay, WI located in the ever popular Door Co. This was also the first big art show of the season, and to make it more special...our first show together. Awwww, I know ;)

It also meant finding out if anyone was even going to like our stuff. And if we could work together. Yikes! Want to see something exciting? Take Mr. Type A "Let's get this done!" and pair him with Mrs. Type B "Oh look, something shiny!" and see what happens. Well, I am happy to say, we lived to tell the tale. Even after driving through torrential rain for several hours and setting up in the rain and wet grass, we still like each other.

Oh yeah...and people liked our stuff, we even won Second Place for Two Dimensional.