2018 Last One Away

Last show of the year away from home! Woohoo! Our first time at Winter Art Fair OFF The Square. It was a great show. A great crowd. And a great way to end the year. Well, sorta end the year. We still have the Cafe Wren Holiday Art Sale in December. But thats close to home and we get to sleep in our bed.

Anywho… Madison is one of our favorite cities for food and beverage. Not for getting around in, as there is construction EVERYWHERE! And one way streets. Very confusing for these country kids. We had some good eats and were also very blessed with good art show neighbors. We laughed a lot and nobody gave each other the stink eye or secretly wished the other to get fleas. At least I hope they didn’t think that of us. Hmmm….


WE GOT ACCEPTED INTO MADISON!! Art Fair Off the Square that is. This show is top on our list of those we dreamed about getting into. Last year we felt the sting of rejection (similar to iodine on a scraped knee) and this morning we felt it again. The email came saying thanks for applying but there were so many good applicants blah blah blah. SIgh. Then 5 minutes later came an email saying- Congratulations! Huh? We checked Zapplication and there it said accepted. Major confusion set in. Were we? Weren't we? I was about to email and ask what was up when a third email came in, an apology email aplologizing for the accidental rejection! WOOHOO! Needless to say, we are pretty excited to add this one to our summer schedule. Yippee skippee!

Keeping it Local

We decided to add a few more local shows this summer. We asked people some of their favorite and applied to a handful. Received the acceptance letter in the mail the other day for the 44th Annual Marine Art Fair that takes place in Marine on the St. Croix in Minnesota in September. I have heard good thing about this little show along the river for several years.

Partaking again in The Earth Arts Spring Tour set for the first weekend in May. It takes place all over Polk County, maps are available. We will be at Red Iron Studio in Frederic, WI along with a handful of other very talented artists.

So we'll have at least two weekends this summer closer to home. Come out and support local art!

For more info: CLICK HERE