Fests Might Just Not Be Our Thing

Bayfield Apple Fest. Approximately 88,000 people came through in three days. There were apples to be found everywhere! Apple pie, apple chili, apple cake, apple ice cream, apple brats, apple whiskey (my personal favorite), apple cider and even just the good ole apple. It was an insane amount of people that came through that little town. Saturday was wall to wall people going by our booth. At one point I could not see the booth across the way from us. Wow. Unfortunately for us, that didn't mean much in the way of sales. It was an apple munching crowd. A "wander around and stuff ourselves" crowd. Not that it a bad thing, trust me, I stuffed myself several times. That town was full of great food to be had! It just wasn't an art buying crowd. We won't be back for this festival, at least not to sell anyway. We kinda decided that maybe anything that ends with "Fest" might just not be our thing.

We did camp with friends and this time I am happy to say there was no flooding. We did however seem to manage to bring a family of mice with us from home. We caught 4 within the three days we were there. A new record for us. Pretty exciting stuff :)

Thank you to all the familiar faces that stopped by to say hello. We always appreciate that.