Encaustic Care and Tips

 -Indoor environments generally do not get hot enough to worry about the wax melting. Just make sure wherever you hang or store your art, temperatures do not exceed 120 degrees, or you will be sad.

 -Hanging any fine art in prolonged periods of direct sunlight is not recommended.

 -Do NOT leave your art piece in a hot car!

 -During the first year while the wax is curing, a whitish, light haze may appear. This is called blooming and is normal. You can remove the bloom and/or any fingerprints by buffing your artwork using the warm/clean palm of your hand, a soft lint-free cloth or even a panty hose. Just make sure the surface is clean and dust free first to avoid scratching the wax.

-Dust your artwork with something soft like a Swiffer or soft lint-free cloth.


A screw and washer combination is recommended for best results with pieces weighing 2 pounds or more. The screw should be placed in a wall stud whenever possible for security, especially if there is some weight to your art piece. The washer is an added precautionary measure to prevent the artwork from possibly being bumped off the edge of a screw or nail.


To get the maximum life out of your plexi-glass art piece, avoid using cleaning solutions that contains ammonia to clean the surface. Most popular general purpose cleaners will do more harm than good. Use only products specifically recommended for cleaning acrylic and a soft cloth. Do not use a dry cloth or your hand to clean your acrylic. Doing this rubs the dirt and dust into the surface. First, try to blow the dust or dirt off with air, then use a recommended cleaner to complete the job. Occasional use of a feather duster can help reduce dirt buildup. Do not hang your art piece in direct sunlight. You should never put any fine art in direct sun, but with acrylic there could be more immediate consequences. The heat of the direct sunlight can cause warping of the surface.